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Best Restaurants in Islington and Holloway

Electric Works is a diverse community in the heart of north London and benefits from close proximity to other vibrant areas. Our list of the best places to eat in Islington and Holloway has you covered on the culinary front, with each offering up a range of impressive dishes, whether you are looking for pasta ‘al dente’ or a juicy burger complete with all the toppings.

Our creative work spaces are adaptable to your needs, but from time to time, we all want to indulge and eat out. By the way, there’s no need to feel guilty for that. We believe that once you’ve paid a visit to some of the following establishments, guilt will be the last thing on your mind and dessert – hopefully – will be next in line.

Best Restaurants in Islington

The Islington Townhouse

13 Liverpool Rd, London N1 0RW

Doubt left the building at the mention of craft ale-battered cod.

From crispy squid to cod in a craft ale batter, The Islington Townhouse is the perfect place in Islington for those inclined towards British classics. After a lengthy renovation, this Angel-based establishment’s exterior is now a fair reflection of the delicious food and drink it offers inside. Throw live sports into the equation and you have the perfect place for a social gathering.

On the beverage front, choice really is the name of the game. Craft beers are available for those of you partial to a hazy thirst-quencher, while a page-long wine list is likely to satisfy those with a love of the vine. Spirits are also in plentiful supply, although we would suggest that these make an appearance after a productive day at Electric Works.

Kanada Ya

35 Upper St, London N1 0PN

Award-Winning Japanese Ramen Restaurant

Award winning Japanese ramen restaurant

When it comes to settling on Japan’s best export, the debate rages on. However, it has to be said that ramen is very much in contention for the top few spots. Kanada-Ya’s Angel outpost is one of several locations in the capital and all succeed in delivering a steaming bowl of heaven, so much so that people queue endlessly – even in pouring rain.

An 18-hour bone broth sets this high-quality chain of restaurants apart from the competition, while traditional toppings add the necessary finishing touches. An array of flavours and textures await, so why not make the short trip from your professional home at Electric Works for a true cultural experience?

Five Guys

71 Upper St, London N1 0NY

Burgers, fries and more.

Five Guys is renowned for its endless combinations, made possible by an array of complementary toppings. Since its founding in Virginia, Five Guys has become a true beacon of hope in the world of fast food, combining simple – but more importantly fresh – ingredients with an inviting atmosphere.

Don’t despair if you identify as a vegetarian, there’s a grilled cheese sandwich that dreams are made of. Free peanuts almost skipped our mind, too. It is, without doubt, one of the most casual yet satisfying places to eat in Islington.

Best Restaurants in Holloway

Le Péché Mignon

6 Ronalds Rd, London N5 1XH

Go fishing for artisanal French food.

Le Péché Mignon translates to ‘cute fishing’ in English and that’s appropriate given the variety on offer at this north London spot. It has to be said that pigeon-holing this business is a difficult task thanks to the combination of high-quality coffee, a seasonal menu and a food store nothing short of superb.

For any ardent gourmand, Le Péché Mignon is a true home away from home. More importantly, you can make it on foot in under ten minutes from the comfort of Electric Works.

The Spoke

710 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 3NH

A haven for those taking a break from the saddle.

With its self-described ‘simple but effective lunch menu’, The Spoke is confident that whichever dish hits your table, you’ll be satisfied. It’s this pragmatic approach that sets the business apart, in addition to a bike-friendly policy that has made it a haven for the two-wheeled. The fun doesn’t stop at lunch.

In fact, it begins with coffee in the morning and ends with burgers – as well as the odd alcoholic beverage – in the evening. Warm, inviting and locally owned – three out of many reasons to make the walk from Electric Works.

La Mia Cucina

500 Holloway Rd, London N7 6JA

Italian comfort food is a short walk away.

Open from mid-morning up until 10pm, La Mia Cucina is a welcoming restaurant serving up Italian classics. In short, this is the place to go if you are in the mood for an impromptu lasagna, linguine or pizza with just the right serving of mozzarella.

As a sign of its unpretentious nature, La Mia Cucina doesn’t have a website, making it a place that prides itself on the free marketing of good food rather than the shine of a well-optimised page. In our view, this makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in Holloway and the surrounding areas.

Electric Works is fortunate enough to be within walking distance of these culinary delights, making it the perfect place to transition from work to pleasure. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is always something to discover in north London.We are certain that our list of the best restaurants in Islington and Holloway will leave nothing to be desired.If you are looking for a creative work space in close proximity to such vibrant communities, contact us now.